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A C-space sensitivity analysis of Earliest Deadline First scheduling
In ISoLA 2007, vol. RNTI-SM-1, pp.21-33
This paper presents a sensitivity analysis for the dimensioning of
real-time systems in which sporadic tasks are executed according to the preemptive
Earliest Deadline First (EDF) scheduling policy. The timeliness constraints
of the tasks are expressed in terms of late termination deadlines. A general case
is considered, where the task deadlines are independent of the task sporadicity
intervals (also called periods). New results for EDF are shown, which enable us
to determine the C-space feasibility domain, such that any task set with its worstcase
execution times in the C-space domain is feasible with EDF. We show that
the C-space domain is convex, a property that can be used to reduce the number
of inequalities characterizing the C-space domain.