Preservation of timed properties during an incremental development by components
In ISoLA 2007, vol. RNTI-SM-1, pp.157-164
We are interested in the preservation of local properties of timed components during their integration in a timed system. Timed components are modeled as timed automata or timed automata with deadlines. Properties considered are all safety and liveness properties which can be expressed with the timed linear logic MITL (Metric Interval Linear Logic), as well as non-zenoness and deadlock-freedom. Integration of components is a kind of incremental development which consists in checking locally the properties of the components, before integrating them in the complete system, using some composition operator. Of course, established properties have to be preserved by this integration. Checking preservation can be achieved by means of the verification of timed -simulation relations. Composability, compatibility and compositionality of these relations w.r.t. composition operators are properties which allow to reduce the cost of this verification. We examine these properties when integration is achieved with two different timed composition operators: the classic operator usually taken for timed systems and which uses a CSP-like composition paradigm, and a nonblocking operator closer to the CCS paradigm.