Identifying the Presence of Communities in Complex Networks Through Topological Decomposition and Component Densities
In EGC 2010, vol. RNTI-E-19, pp.163-174
The exponential growth of data in various fields such as Social Networks and Internet has stimulated lots of activity in the field of network analysis and data mining. Identifying Communities remains a fundamental technique to explore and organize these networks. Few metrics are widely used to discover the presence of communities in a network. We argue that these metrics do not truly reflect the presence of communities by presenting counter examples. This is because these metrics concentrate on local cohesiveness among nodes where the goal is to judge whether two nodes belong to the same community or vise versa. Thus loosing the overall perspective of the presence of communities in the entire network. In this paper, we propose a new metric to identify the presence of communities in real world networks. This metric is based on the topological decomposition of networks taking into account two important ingredients of real world networks, the degree distribution and the density of nodes. We show the effectiveness of the proposed metric by testing it on various real world data sets