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Toward Active XML DataWarehousing
In EDA 2010, vol. RNTI-B-6, pp.65-80
Warehousing data is not a trivial task, particularly when dealing with
huge amounts of distributed and heterogeneous data. Moreover, traditional decision
support systems do not feature intelligent capabilities for integrating such
complex data. Therefore, we propose an approach for intelligent decision support
based on active XML warehousing. We exploit XML as a pivot language
in order to unify, model and store complex data. Furthermore, Web services
tackle the distribution and interoperability problems of data sources. They are
employed for complex data integration and react with active rules for realizing
intelligent ETL. In this paper, we focus on the integration phase and propose an
architecture for integrating complex data into a repository of Active XML documents,
based onWeb services and event-driven rules. We have finally developed
a software prototype to validate this approach.