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A Distributed Test Architecture for Adaptable and Distributed Real-Time Systems
In CAL 2012, vol. RNTI-L-6, pp.73-92
This work focuses on testing the consistency of distributed real-time
systems when their configurations evolve dynamically, called also adaptable systems.
In this context, runtime testing which is carried out on the final execution
environment is emerging as a new solution for the validation of these systems.
To reduce testing effort, cost and time, we apply the dependency analysis technique
in order to identify affected parts of the system under test due to runtime
reconfiguration. In addition, we propose a flexible and evolvable distributed test
architecture made of two kinds of testers: Single Component Testers and Component
Composition Testers. These testers execute unit tests (respectively integration
tests) on the affected components (respectively component compositions) as
soon as reconfiguration actions occur. An illustrative example describing interactions
between the proposed testers when two reconfiguration scenarios happen
is given.