Information Marketplaces for Big Data Analytics
In EDA 2013, vol. RNTI-B-9, pp.3-4
The analysis of freely available Big Data is an increasing market segment. Currently, multiple data vendors utilize the cloud-computing paradigm for trading data, associated analytical data services, and analytic results as a commodity good on information marketplaces. In the first part of this talk we present insights from interviews with established vendors about typical queries and key challenges with regard to pricing strategies in different market situations. In the second part of the talk I introduce to the technical infrastructure of the MIA marketplace. This large research project will provide an infrastructure which ensures the sustainable operation of a reliable and trusted platform for the production, provision and use of the data of the .DE–Web and other free information. This infrastructure enables completely new business models with information and analysis as electronically tradable goods. The collective storage, analysis and utilization of data from the .DE–Web offers many cost savings and high innovation capabilities. Thus, especially for small and medium enterprises, significant market entry barriers and impediments to innovation are eliminated. The talk concludes with interesting research problems for the business intelligence, database and text mining communities.