Data labeling for data security in data lifecycle: A state of the art and issues
In EDA 2022, vol. RNTI-B-18, pp.47-60
One of the most serious issues with cloud computing is data security, As businesses start on digital transformation, there is a clear requirement for privacy and data protection. Organizations today have more data, applications, and websites than they have ever had before. Data security has risen to the top of the priority list for cloud computing security. Despite the fact that a variety of solutions have been proposed, the majority of them only address one stage of the data life cycle, such as storage, which is insufficient to handle the cloud data security challenge because threats appear at all stages of the data life cycle. During the data life cycle process, any stage's security breaches could affect data security. Therefore, data security must be considered throughout the data lifecycle. The main contribution of this article is a new perspective on data security solutions based on the data lifecycle, which is crucial and can be used as a guide to create a complete security solution.A literature review on the entire data life cycle is carried out and a research gap of unresolved issues that may be research questions for our future work is presented.Also a proposed solution on data labeling used for data tracking to secure data in all stages in data life cycle is presented.