Visualizing Shooting Spots using Geo-tagged Photographs from Social Media Sites
In EGC 2015, vol. RNTI-E-28, pp.167-178
Hotspots, at which many photographs have been taken, might be interesting places for many people to do sightseeing. Visualization of hotspots reveals user interests, which is important for industries such as tourism and marketing research. Although several social-based techniques for extracting hotspots independently have been proposed, a hotspot has a relation to other hotspots in some cases. To organize those hotspots, we propose a method to detect and visualize relations among hotspots. Our proposed method detects and assesses relations of shooting spots and photographic subjects. Our approach extracts the relations using sub-hotspots, which are split from a hotspot that includes photographs of different types. We demonstrate our approach by discovering relations using photographic metadata such as tags, photograph orientation, and photograph locations from Flickr.