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Description d'objets en couleurs à partir des relations spatiales entre régions structurelles
In FDC 2016, vol. RNTI-E-31, pp.57-72
Classical object recognition methods from images usually rely on a statistical or structural
description of the object content, summarizing different visual features such as contours, color
or texture. Such features can then be used for the classification or the recognition of similar
images. In this paper, we present a descriptor for complex objects represented in color images.
The originality of this descriptor lies in an homogeneous representation of both shape
attributes and spatial relations between structural regions extracted from objects using a robust
decomposition method. We also propose different comparison strategies for this descriptor,
based on specific matchings between structural regions of the objects. Results obtained on two
datasets of color images suggest that the spatial relations between regions composing complex
objects constitute interesting features for their description.