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Une nouvelle méthodologie de géovisualisation pour les entrepôts de données de trajectoires
In EDA 2019, vol. RNTI-B-15, pp.143-157
The geovisualization methods integrated in OLAP systems concern only classical spatial
data (points, lines and polygons). Our goal is to define a new visual analysis methodology that
integrates the space-time cube, animated maps, and the pivot table to consider the data from
Trajectory Data Warehouse (TDW). In addition to traditional multidimensional queries, we
consider other types of queries: (1) spatio-temporal multidimensional queries that require the
temporal dimension and a spatial measure; and (2) spatio-temporal thematic multidimensional
queries that require also numerical measures. These two types of queries can relate to one
(Mono) or several trajectories (Multi). We show the implementation of our methodology using
the geo-browser (Google Earth) and the extension of pivot table (GeOLAPivot Table).