RNTI Editions 

Editions RNTI  is a French, non-profit society which rules are defined by the 1901 French law.  

Directors: Djamel Zighed, Gilles Venturini
Contact: info[at]editions-rnti.fr

Subscription and contribution to this site

The Editions RNTI gives you the possibility to subcribe to its full collection and to have a complete electronic access to the journal issues, including recent and non-free issues.  These subscriptions will help us to maintain this site up to date and to add more functionalities over time. To subscribe, please contact the directors of the RNTI collection: info[at]editions-rnti.fr. A subscription gives you a free access which is granted for one year to one or several IP adresses (your laboraty, university or company).  

Journal which are actually on-line at Editions RNTI

RNTI, Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information 

Directors: Djamel Zighed, Gilles Venturini
Contact : djamel.zighed[at]univ-lyon2.fr et venturini[at]univ-tours.fr

MODULAD, Le Monde des Utilisateurs de L'Analyse de Données

Director: Christian Derquenne
Contact: christian.derquenne[at]edf.fr

Preivous web site of MODULAD.