Collection and Identification Of Microservices Patterns And Antipatterns
In CAL 2021, vol. RNTI-L-9, pp.1-8
Microservices architectural style is becoming more and more popularin academia and industry. However, a lack of understanding of its core conceptsand the absence of ground-truth leads to a lot of misconceptions and develop-ment mistakes. In our research work, we aim to clarify the academic knowledge on microservices through the collection and the automatic identification of microservices patterns and anti-patterns. To this end, we aim to (1) introduce an exhaustive collection of microservices (anti-)patterns, and (2) propose anautomatic approach for the identification of (anti-)patterns in microservice based systems. The continuous integration and continuous delivery for microservices can introduce anti-patterns that may affect the maintainability of the system and decrease its quality. Thus, we searched for re-engineering tools used to identify (anti-)patterns in microservice based systems. The results of our analysis showed that there is no fully-automated identification approach in the literature. This motivates us to propose (anti-)patterns for the identification process as a first step and then investigate how we can automatically identify them from the artifacts of microservice based systems.